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I have always been interested in mathematics. I worked for 18 years in a zinc smelter and one of my duties was the implementation of constrained quadratic optimation software for planning and operational purposes. The idea was to maximise profit subject to the contrainst of the plant. Mathematically, this was
where A was a description of the behaviour of the plant, and l and u represented operational limits. The vector x included raw material costs and the values of the various products, primarily zinc, lead and cadmium.

I greatly appreciate your starting a Discourse instance. My favorite fora run on Discourse.

Hi All,

My name is Zoltan, and I worked previously on various fields of the communication/media industry, beside that I have a strong relation to IT. My main interests are VR/AR and cognitive neuroscience, primarily related to user research, and BCI. I use both preassembled and self developed hardware.

I worked in the last three years as a junior developer in a development group at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Computer and Automation Research Institute and start my master in cognitive neuroscience in next September.

Hope it’s suitably short. :slight_smile:

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This is cool, can you explain the optimization part for me from this paper https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7229284 :slight_smile: