Analyzing neuronal firing data of single units and multiunits

Hi Mike and everyone,
Hope everything is going well! I am a neuroscientist with minimal coding knowledge in MATLAB (just completed 1~2 introduction to MATLAB courses), and I need to submit a code sample for an application. I hope to find a course that focuses on analyzing neuronal firing data of single units and multiunits with some practical questions, which would help me a lot to generate the code sample for the application. I first find “Complete neural signal processing and analysis: Zero to hero” interesting, but then I realized that it is mainly about EEG. Do you have any recommendations about the course/learning materials which I should learn? Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi Xin. Indeed, the ANTS course is focused on analog neural signals.

If you’re brand new to MATLAB, you can consider the Mathworks Onramp course. And if you already have some MATLAB exposure and would like something specific to units analyses, perhaps you can consider Module 1 from this course.

I hope it’s helpful!

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Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for the reply!!! Deeply appreciated! I tried two browsers but still can not open the link attached with “from this course” in your answer, would you like to tell me which course it is? Your suggestion would help me a lot and thank you for all the wonderful courses!!! Even though I only just started to learn one of them “signal processing problems”, I can tell that they will be tremendously helpful to those people like me who want to transit from pure experimental neuroscientist to one with mixed background. Thanks!

Hmm, strange that the link didn’t work. It’s here:

Hi Mike,
Thank you so much! Deeply appreciated, and hope you have a good day today!

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That’s exactly what I am looking for! Thank you!