Effect of stimus on classification of schizophrenia

Greetings, professor.
I am trying to classify schizophrenia on three different stimuli.
1- subject press a button and generate a tone
2- subject listen to the tone (no button pressing)
3- subject press button but no tone generated.

I got accuracy higher in stimulus 1, then stimulus 2 and lowest in stimulus 3.
I want to infer some result from it .

What i have inferred, Schziphrenia affect motor and sensory behavior.
In stimulus 1 as both our motor and sensory part of brain is involved, so we can easily classify based on this stimulus.
In stimulus 2, as sensory part is involved which effect more in schizophrenia, so we got an intermediate result
In stimulus 3, as motor part is involved which effect less in schizophrenia as compared to sensory, so we got a lowest result.

Please tell me, is my understanding is correct or not

Hi talha. I’m not an expert in Schizophrenia, nor am I really familiar with that literature. So I don’t think I can help with the interpretation. Sounds like an interesting pattern of results, though.