Extracting power from ISPC script

Hi Mike,

I was wondering if your phase connectivity script outputs ‘power’, as well as phase? (Perhaps real_data?)

Thanks in advance!


Hi Sam. I’m so sorry I’m late to reply to this; I didn’t see the post. My apologies.

Phase connectivity doesn’t have a “power” per se. There are two features of the resulting vector average, the magnitude and phase. The magnitude is the length of the average vector, and the closer it is to 1, the stronger the phase synchronization. The phase is the orientation of the angle, and encodes the phase relationship between the two oscillators (e.g., in-phase, out-of-phase, phase offset of pi/3, etc).

We consider the synchronization strength to be the length of the average phase vector. I suppose you could kindof think of that like a “power” value because both power and synchronization strength reflect the length of a line in a complex plane. But I wouldn’t encourage thinking about it like power because I think the risk of confusion is too high. Indeed, power values are generally normalized out when computing phase synchronization.