Free Iran | Udemy

Hi Mike, I am Erfan from Iran.

As you know, these days, Iranian protest in the street for their basic rights ,and the internet so awful for everything, specifically social media. Fortunately, the internet is good for the Udemy website, and there is no government block.

There are many genius students in Iran at top universities like Sharif University.

I, as an Iranian, struggle with many problems transferring money to the Udemy website to buy a course. It’s hard, but it’s possible with some third-party websites to transfer money as I did for buying your course.

I have a request for my country’s students.

If it’s possible for you, give Iranian students a limited free voucher. These days they are so disappointed, and even a little sympathy makes them happier and more hopeful.

Thanks a lot

(I will not use this voucher for myself because I can afford your course easier than other my country people)