Hi, I'm John Johnson

Yes, I know my name is redundant, but you can factor out a John:
and simplify it somewhat :upside_down_face:

I’m a PhD Candidate at Georgia Tech, and use EEG, fMRI, and motion capture/kinematics in my research. I’m interested in how sensory loss, primarily due to amputation, changes our ability to perform and understand motor tasks, such as reach and grasp. My goal is to conduct research that will help improve the lives of people with amputation and limb loss, also possibly applicable to stroke, spinal cord injury, and other types of sensory loss. I have the opportunity to do some electronics, use Arduinos, etc. and build research gadgets. And of course, write lots of MATLAB code.

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Hi John. Nice simplification! I’m curious – do you control the arduinos through MATLAB or directly in C?

While you can control the Arduino with MATLAB, we found the latency to be a problem. It seems to have a large, slow kernel that runs on the Arduino.
We program the Arduino using the Arduino IDE, which is kind of java-esque. Our MATLAB code opens a serial port and communicates with the Arduino. The Arduino listens for commands, and sends event and status data back to MATLAB using simple communications protocols. We’re good with millisecond precision, so no real need to use interrupts or the like. We have Dues, Unos, and a couple of Micros to emulate keyboards and send keystrokes. Using these Arduinos, we’re able to capture behavioral timing data, turn on LEDs to prompt the subjects, coordinate and synchronize data capture between our EEG, eye tracking, and motion capture system, etc.