Hi, I'm Mike X Cohen

Hi everyone. I created this forum to consolidate and improve upon the coding/analysis questions I get across various platforms. I hope it proves useful for you!

I’ve always found learning and teaching to be incredibly rewarding. I hope to keep doing this until my final breath, which is almost certainly going to be somewhere between 10 seconds and 80 years in the future.


Hi Mike,

Thank you for having been instrumental for me to finally understand the hidden language of EEG analysis. I will certainly be an avid user of this forum and look forward to your and other people’s contributions.

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That’s a great-looking site and what a beautiful group icon. Thank’s Mike for shifting. Seems much better structured here.

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Hello Mike,

My primary interest in this subject is the mathematics itself, with its applications coming a close second.

In terms of coding, I am a hardened coder (been at it for 50 years!) and I find all the Matlab examples trivially easy to follow.

I find your material to be well organised, and your style of delivery works well for me.

Thanks for adding your course to the sum of courses that are available to learners. :smile:

I’d be curious to know what programming language you’ve found best for learning/implementing math.

It depends on context. My own experience includes Fortran IV, C++ and Java, and this is strongly influenced by the availability of suitable libraries. For constrained quadratic optimisation in the 1990’s, I found a library from the Numerical Algorthms Group to be a good fit, and that included a version for Fortran IV. In a broader context (number theory) I have found Java to be a good tool for “rolling your own classes” to implement such things as primality testing.

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Thanks for sharing with us Mike. Your MATLAB video is really helpful for me to understand the material as well as coding.

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Hi,Mike, I’m Qing He

Hi Mike,

Great idea starting a forum!

Matthew (Matthew R. from Udemy)

Hi - I was trained in seismic data processing. I am taking Mike’s Udemy courses to enhance my signal processing knowledge and re-learn linear algebra. The math refresher is to prepare to learn Machine Learning with Python. Thanks!

This just occurred to me now, but this is somewhat like Neurostars, which appears to be the go-to platform for MRI analyses: https://neurostars.org/. Perhaps there’s some organizational or implementation lessons to be gleaned from them.

Thanks Jim. That is indeed also a discourse forum.

Thank you Mike :purple_heart:

Hi Mike,

Thank you for providing this platform for sharing the knowledge and ideas. Indeed this group is helping me alot in my data analysis in MATLAB.


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Hi Mike. I am Soumyadeep.
I recently completed your two courses on MATLAB in udemy and found them to be greatly rewarding for my field in Civil Engineering. Thanks a lot!