Interpreting phase locked power and ITC

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My question is about interpreting phase locked power and ITC. I have EEG data from infant viewing faces- and although the ERP’s are obviously different- the phase locked time frequency representations look very similar to the results presented in chapter 20 of ANTS - basically that there is non frequency band specific, concomitant post stimulus increases in phase locked power and ITC that are very transient i.e ~200-300ms. I have been trying to think about how best to interpret these results- can these be though as separate/ overlapping physiological processes or can the TFR just be conceptualized as low level interactions between the different signal properties? and in that way do not particularly give much more detail than simply observing/ displaying the time domain ERP?

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Hi Ira. It’s a bit tricky to make direct interpretations of an ITPC plot without having an idea of what the underlying neural circuits might be doing. From your description, it sounds like the ITPC plot is providing overlapping information as the ERP/phase-locked power. So it might be more useful to look at the ERPs and the total time-frequency power, as those definitely provide non-overlapping signal features.

Thanks for your response!