ISPC edge effects

Hello Mike, I have been using your videos or textbook for my EEG analysis. And they’re super helpful, thank you so much for making these detailed tutorials.

I was trying to use your codes in chapter 26 for figure 26.3 and 26.5 and I was trying to generate graphs for both ISPC-time (figure1) and ISPC-trial (figure2).

ISPC-time and ISPC-trial seem match up with each other for example in the delta range, the value above or below the baseline seems to be similar across ISPC-time or ISPC-trial. But when I try to generate graph for the whole time period (the data is aligned to cue, one trial session is 3000 ms, figure3), there seems to be edge effects or filter ripple.

Would it be possible to remove the edge effect?

I also wanted to see the significance level for the ISPC-trial, so I used the code for figure 34.9 and got this Zmap and ITPC cluster corrected version (the title for the right one should be cluster-corrected ISPC, figure4)

Do you think these plots look reasonable? Is it usually the case that ISPC would be stronger in the delta region but not much in the frequency above?

I’ll attach the photos in subsequent conversation since I can’t attach them all here.
Thank you so much for reading my message!
April Luo