Link to the neural time series analysis EEG-data

Hi Mike!

I’m reading your book “Analyzing Neural Time Series Data: Theory and Practice”, excited to dive deeper! I ran into some trouble when trying to locate and download the EEG-data that the exercises (and the example scripts) are based on. Following the links, I found this website: Data analysis lecturelets by Mike X Cohen

On the introductory page, it says “The sample EEG data that are used for illustration can be downloaded here.” However, this link seems to be broken (the exact url is ), would the EEG-data have been included in this zip-file too? Where can I access the data that is intended to be used with the code?

Many thanks in advance, your commitment to teaching these rather complex methodological topics is inspiring!

  • Sebastian

Hi Sebastian. Thanks for letting me know; I’ve moved some files around and now fixed that link.

That said, as I wrote at the top of that site, I recommend finding my newer videos on my YT channel; the ones linked from that lecturelets site are older (similar content, but shittier older recording equipment!). And you can find the code and data on my github site (also linked from my YT videos).