MATLAB LFP Simulation

Hi Mike,

I hope you’re enjoying the Holidays!

Do you know of any toolboxes in MATLAB that simulate realistic LFP data using multicompartment neuron models like LFPy in python? Or papers with MATLAB code available simulating LFP data in this way?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hmm… I’m sure there must be code for that, but nothing comes immediately to mind. I do have two suggestions:

  • check out modeldb, e.g., this search.
  • If you’re familiar with LFPy, then you can call Python from MATLAB. It is, admittedly, a clunky solution.

Thanks Mike. I came across modeldb in the past, but had forgotten about it. There doesn’t appear to be anything there for this project, but good to keep in mind for the future!

We are trying to implement the same equations from LFPy within a different framework in MATLAB. So, we wanted to try to find a MATLAB implementation of the methods used by LFPy first, if it exists, but it doesn’t appear to.

A MATLAB version of LFPy would be a great contribution! You have my full moral support :wink:

Translating Python to MATLAB is tedious but not terribly difficult. I think the only potential issue is if LFPy has its own low-level C routines, which you might need to rewrite and recompile.