More life ahead than behind

Here’s an uplifting thought: You probably have more life ahead of you than behind you.

Of course, no one knows when the lights will turn off, but let’s assume that “life” begins at around 20 years old. I’m not referring to biological life; I’m referring to your life as an agentic adult, making decisions about how to spend your time and how to occupy your consciousness. If you remain physically and mentally healthy – and are lucky not to have any horrible accidents or diseases – you might live until 90 years old.

So depending on how old you are now, you might have more life ahead of you (90 - your age) than behind you (your age - 20). Maybe even a lot more.

To be clear, that’s not an excuse for procrastinating; instead, it’s a reminder that you can accomplish a lot more in life than you might think. Don’t be afraid of how long something will take; if you use your time wisely, you have a lot of it!