Morlet Wavelet function, cmor2.48-1?

Hello, Mike,
First, I really appreciate your help on online lectures, books, and free-shared codes!!
I wrote my thesis based upon your book and the codes provided!

Btw, I analyzed my data recorded by ECoG with customized MATLAB code, written by one of my lab senior who’s not in the lab anymore, and I am not really getting what ‘cmor2.48-1’ exactly meaning.
Yes, I am using complex Morlet wavelet, and still not getting what those 2.48-1 are indicating.
I’ve googled on the MATLAB pages and it is keep saying look up [Teo 98], which seems like the manual page, and doesn’t exist anymore.

Thank you in advance!!

Hi Bohee. From MATLAB’s webpage about this, it’s a complex Morlet wavelet, exactly how I show in the book and courses. I’m not sure what 2.48-1 means; I guess those are parameter settings. Perhaps you can email the person who wrote the code to ask about it.

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yea, that’s probably the best way I can deal with it…
Ok, Thanks! :slight_smile: