New ANTS vs Old ANTS

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I have a question about the “Analysis of Neural Time Series” videos on youtube. From what I can see there are more categories/playlists for “Old ANTS” than “New ANTS”. Are there some topics not covered in “New ANTS” but are in the old? Also there’s the udemy course. Does that cover anything not in the youtube videos? I’m watching these videos and they do a really great job of explaining these complex topics.

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Hi Noah. The “old ANTS” videos were recorded in 2015, and were my first feeble attempts to do home recordings. The content is OK but the A/V quality is shamefully terrible.

Over two years I completely re-did all of my lectures, including all new slides, updated code, and much better recording equipment. I left the old videos up there in case people have links to them, but I don’t actually recommend the old ones over the new ones.

The content is basically the same, but the delivery is, of course, a bit different. Better, I would say, because I had another 3-4 years of teaching to further improve the approach.

As for the Udemy course, that one is even longer and has a lot more material in it, including a ton of MTALAB exercises, code challenges, and demonstrations. Basically, the theoretical lecture material is all on youtube, and that plus all the hands-on work is on Udemy. That said, I tried to make everything available on youtube to be a complete learning experience.


Thanks Mike. One last question (you’ve just put out a lot of materials and I’m trying to sort through them). The textbook “Analyzing Neural Time Series Data” is that a rough equivalent to the udemy course?

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They are largely the same but not completely overlapping. There are a few topics I go into more detail about in the book (mutual information comes immediately to mind), and there are more topics in the course that aren’t in the book. The online course also has some material that I was planning on putting into a second edition of the book, but it looks like a second edition isn’t in the pipeline.

I think the biggest difference is that I wrote the book in 2012 and I made the course in 2019. So there was 7 years that I was working on improving my teaching style and methods.

Hmm, so it makes sense to go over the videos too (I’m doing the book). I’m really digging the dark theme aesthetic of the videos! Gives it a really nice, clean look.

Thank you very much. I’ve been going over the video mainly but also the videos as well as the textbook. The provided code from the book is especially helpful (I just used tfviewerx and it was extremely helpful)