New course: Statistics and machine learning

Hi everyone. I’ve been asked for years to make a course on statistics. And now it’s finally published!

All the details on the course, including lots of preview videos, are here:



Great to see the course. I was wondering if you will be updating course in future. I have trouble understanding following:

Naive Bayes
Cross Validation
Gradient Boost
Ridge and Lasso Regression
Decision Trees (Random Forest)

Also if you can include a project with dataset where we can implement all the things we learned to find optimal solution or get some insight, will be helpful.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions. I discuss cross validation a bit in the course. The other topics you mention are not currently stressed. I do try to update my courses once a year or so, and I will take these into consideration.

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If you can create a work flow on how to classify a neural signal between healthy and diseased individual. it would be more than every thing to me.