New Educational Announcement

My thanks to Mike for sending out an email requesting feedback about the code options in the Complete linear algebra course. The link at the bottom of the email did not work for me, hence this post.

In terms of the question of one code file for each course section or one code file per video, I must confess to being not competent to answer. The reason is simple: I am an abstract learner, and coding is something of a bore for me. I hope that other learners will be able to provide more supportive answers to Mike.

Thanks for your comment, Phil. I should have also posted that message on this forum :\ It’s below, I welcome any other comments!

Your feedback: help me make courses easier for you!
Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a good and gentle transition into winter (or an enthusiastic transition into summer, depending on where you are!).

I’d like your feedback as students on a course organization issue that I struggle with. Please share your preferences so I can make better courses in the future!

The question is about the code. As you know, many of my lectures have accompanying code. What is your preference for getting and working with that code? Options are:

(1) One code file for the entire course section. Then the code for each video is inside that larger code file. The advantage is that you have only a few files to work with, although then you need to search through each file for the current video.

(2) One code file per video. This makes it easier to follow along with the video, but then there are many more code files to search through (possibly >100 separate files for each course).

I look forward to your feedback! Thanks in advance!