New textbook on linear algebra!

Hi friends! I’m happy to announce the release of my shiny new textbook on linear algebra. It’s ~600 pages of wholesome mathy goodness, complete with equations, explanations, graphics, exercises, and code. Possibly even a few of the subtle, dry, pithy jokes that you are kind enough to pretend to tolerate.

You can get it from amazon, e.g., here. (Also available at whatever amazon is closest to you, e.g., de/it/es/mx/uk.)

It is currently only available in physical form. I’m still finalizing the ebook version, so check amazon in ~1 week for if kindle’s more your thing. (Keep in mind that math/figure formatting is kindof ugly on ebooks, so the paper version looks much better.)

Once the ebook version is available, I’ll also post the announcement on some other relevant lists, but I wanted to give my homies on this site a heads-up first.



I bought it! Wish me luck!

Nah, you don’t need luck; just a bit of perseverance and motivation :wink:

Hi Mike and other learners,

If I’m already enjoying your Udemy course, is there a reason I would be interested in your book apart from the different format? Like additional or more detailed content.

Hi Dindon. The book and the course are, not surprisingly, quite similar. The course is more focused on code and implementations (but also has a lot of theory/proofs), while the book is more focused on theory/proofs/explanations (but also has a lot of code). I think if you want to have a really solid understanding of linear algebra, then having both could be beneficial. But you certainly don’t need both.

Some people prefer to learn from videos and others prefer to learn from books. I tried to cater to both audiences.