One or many code files for Master Math via Python

Regarding (1) one code file for the entire course or (2) one code file per video: First, I confess to not yet starting the course and, second, I have taken other code files when code files have been available both ways.

My preference is one code file per video. Often I don’t use the code file that comes with a video because I work with the video or pause the video to try to create the script before the video completes. If I had a very large file with all the scripts, I would find it annoying to search the file to extract the script of the moment. This search would be less annoying if each script had a great title block, but if the instructor fine-tunes the course by adding lessons over time, the code title would probably become wrong.

Thanks for asking.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s been interesting to see the responses collecting on Udemy. I haven’t counted up the totals, but it seems to be roughly split. I think what I’ll do in the future is provide the code both ways – one large file per section and then in a separate folder, one small file per video. It’s not much extra work for me, and it will allow each student to do what they prefer.

One thing I’ve learned about teaching: There is never a one-sized fits-all solution. Some people learn better from math, others from code. Some people learn better from books, others online courses. Some people learn better on their own, others in groups. The only thing that applies to everyone is that learning takes some effort and dedication. You can’t escape that :smiley:

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