Request for course and materials on neurocomputational modeling

Hi Mike and friends,

I want to understand and apply some neurocomputational models on the mismatch negativity component (e.g., the model in Lieder, F., Stephan, K. E., Daunizeau, J., Garrido, M. I., & Friston, K. J. (2013). A Neurocomputational Model of the Mismatch Negativity. PLoS Computational Biology, 9(11).). However, I have no experience in neurocomputational modeling and got overwhelmed by the formal and concepts in those papers. I’m wondering if you will have a course on neurocomputational modeling. Does your course " Master statistics & machine learning: intuition, math, code" help? Do you have courses or materials to recommend? Thank you!

Hi Chao. I don’t have any dedicated courses about computational modeling. I do have one simulation module in this course, but I don’t know how directly relevant that will be.

Perhaps a good way to get started is to download their simulation code and then try to work your way through the code alongside the paper.

Thank you for your suggestion, Mike. I’ll check out the module of that course. :slight_smile:

Hi Chao,
This is reinforcement learning, but it can help you to get started with the concepts of computational modelling,

Computational modelling of social cognition and behaviour—a reinforcement learning primer

At the end there are also links to resources/tutorials,

Good luck!

Thank you, Joseluis. The resources look great!