Request for Machine Learning and Neural Data Course

Hi! I’m going through the PCA course and I think is great so far! I believe this course is helping me a lot but I’m looking for material that involves ML and EEG for BCI applications. Things like CNNs and Spectrograms, or SVMs and bands features of EEG signals would be awesome for mental imagery and mental state recognition. I’ll definetly pay for that. In the mean time I’m enjoying the course so far and I’m thinking on getting others.

Thanks, I’m happy to hear that. I do have a deep-learning course planned for 2021.

As for BCI applications, most of BCI analyses are based on generalized eigendecomposition, which I show in the PCA course. In BCI they often call it “common spatial pattern” or CSP, but the math is GED.

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Btw, I am also looking forward to the ML course.

So far I have learned a lot from your courses. Thanks for that.

Rab Nawaz

Fantastic! So excited about the deep learning course. Do you have any estimate yet on when it will be finished?

Hopefully this summer. It always depends on my work schedule, though, as I make these courses on the side. Sorry to make you wait :wink:

Sounds great! I understand work comes first… btw I really enjoyed your paper on estimating frequency boundaries :slight_smile: