Resources for analyzing facial EMG data

Hello everyone,

I found Mike’s ANTS book incredibly helpful working with for neural data. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations about similarly thorough and approachable resources for processing and learning from facial EMG data, in python or otherwise?

Thank you!

Hi Liv. Interesting question. I do have a signal-processing course that comes with complete Python code. And there are a few lectures about EMG. Is there anything in particular about facial EMG that makes it different from working with, e.g., finger EMG?

Thanks for the speedy response!

I think the basic procedure should be very similar. I am hoping to combine the facial EMG data with head movement information to train a machine learning model, and I was curious about intricacies others may have found specific to this domain.

While I continue to search, the course does look great and I will check it out. So grateful for your work!