Signal Generation

I tried to generate a pulse wave for my assignment using the following data:
Carrier Freq=200MHz
Sampling Freq=2700MHz
Pulse Width=1 Microseconds
Pulse Repetition Interval=100 Microseconds
No of pulses=1
I tried and solved it by finding cos of the given data and making the other set as zeros so we can make copies of it.
But for the other method, I found the equation using cos function but don’t know how to make the remaining time zero.
Please help me. It’s important for me
And please not using pulse train function.

Hi Jp2000. Your question isn’t very clear – are you trying to add zeros to the end of a signal? Maybe you can use the cat function. Or something like signal(time>thresh) = 0; to set all signal values beyond a time threshold to be zero.