Simulate epilepsy seizure EEG data in MatLab

There is any method to generate an epileptic EEG signal? I tried to find but I couldn’t.

hmm, interesting question. I would guess that there should be methods to simulate realistic epileptic spikes, but I’ve never looked into it.

Perhaps a possibility is to get real epileptic data from an intracranial recording, and then use that as a dipole time series that you then project out to the scalp. That would give a mixture of real and simulated data.

thanks to your fast answer! There are any course of yours where you showing something like " project out to the scalp" project?

I do cover this in several of my courses, but the method isn’t difficult. I also simulate data this way in my methods papers, for example, this one.

Also, simulating data at the dipole level and projecting them out to the scalp is a common data-generation method, so you’ll find it used in many EEG methods papers.

thank you for the fast answer very very much!