Smoothing spectral plots in EEGLAB?

My spectral plots always seem to be jagged, while the ones in the documentation are smooth.
Any idea how to make mine smoother?
(This is a plot of component spectra from Study. I increased the time samples and frequency padding when preclustering, to no avail.)


Plots in the docs

The smoother plot was probably done using Welch’s method, which basically means doing a time-frequency analysis and then averaging over all time points. That smooths the plot quite a bit.


Thanks for the info.
It’s odd they would show their nice smooth graphs in the docs, yet the software produces jagged plots.
I’ll see if I can code it up myself.

Well, that’s just my guess from how the plots look. Welch’s method will definitely produce smoother spectra.

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Thanks! I appreciate your help, and the books and courses you produce.