Software to create lessons

hi Mike,

Would you recommend a software/platform to create video lessons? I guess the one you use is professional? Or is there some good open source platform to create lessons?

José Luis

Hi José Luis. Here’s my setup:

  • 2 monitors (one for screencasting, one for notes/code)
  • Camtasia 9 for screencasting and editing
  • Blue Yeti mic
  • A “shell” of sound-attenuating foam around my desk

You can also get decent quality recordings using cheaper/free equipment. There are free screencast programs, although they tend to be limited in quality and capabilities. If you have a quiet environment, then a simple mic will be OK. It all depends on how good you want the recordings. I started out with a cheap fairly low-quality setup, and slowly built it up over time as I got more serious about doing recordings.

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