Solved Challenges in Neural Time Series Analysis course no more available on Udemy?

Hi Mike,

Recently I came across your new announcement on Udemy about the course " Complete neural signal processing and analysis: Zero to hero". I would like to know, whether the previous course “Solved Challenges in Neural Time Series Analysis” is replaced by this new course. Because I am not able to find the course “Solved Challenges in Neural Time Series Analysis” on Udemy.

Thank you.

Rab Nawaz

Hi Nawaz. The original course (Solved challenges…) was an advanced-level course. Over the past few months, I’ve been creating a complementary course for beginners. But then I decided to combine them into one complete course, rather than having two separate courses.

So I put everything together and changed the title to “Complete… zero to hero.” All of the videos and code from the “Solved” course are still in there. The course is now 46 hours of video instruction, and lots and lots and lots of code exercises!


Thank you so much for the efforts you put in building up these stuff. I really appreciate it.

Also, I want to make another query here regarding the course subscription on Udemy and I apologize if it is not related to the scope of this group. I am trying to subscribe the course “Dimension reduction and source separation in neuroscience” but I am not able to do so. When I try to checkout using my Visa Card the payment is not successful. I make a contact with my bank and they confirm me that there is no problem from their side. Also, I tried the troubleshooting tips given on the Udemy website but still no luck. I tried to buy the course two weeks ago and I face this problem. Again I tried today but no luck and still facing the same problem. The error message shown is attached udemy_error .

Last thing I want to request if you can activate the download option (to download the course to our local computer) so we can download the course for offline watching.

Thank you so much for your time.

Rab Nawaz

Hmm, unfortunately I can’t help you with that. You’d have to contact Udemy support. I just make the courses; I don’t do anything with payments.

As for the videos, they are downloadable if you use the Udemy app.