Some free e-books (python, matlab, math and stat related)

I currently study Mike’s Master Math Math by Coding in Python (I like it very much btw.) and I looked a bit around on the web for complementary resources (my goal is to code simulations, for fun, I’am a math hobbyist).
I stumbled on a site with a couple of e-books generously made available by the author (a big thank you to Allen B. Downey). The books are for python, matlab, perl and java and several are related to statistics and physical modelling (what got my attention).
Since I believe they might be of interest for other people visiting this forum (and after clearing it with Mike) here is the link.


Thanks for sharing! It’s a good resource.

There’s an interesting discussion to be had between free and paid resources. That author states on his website that he made his books free because he didn’t have enough time or resources to create a textbook. To me, that highlights the accountability and responsibility that most people feel when creating something that is affordable vs. free.

the author also has accompanying YouTube video sessions generally about 1-3 hours for each book in which he demonstrated a lot of examples. A good resource for sure.
Just search Allen B Downey on YT

here is a great selection of free CS books (during the Covid-19 lockdown) from Springer:"Book"&package=mat-covid19_textbooks&facet-language="En"&sortOrder=newestFirst&showAll=true&facet-discipline="Computer+Science"

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Wow, great list. Thanks for posting!

The most surprising book in that list is a Fortran book published in 2018. I didn’t know people still learned that language…

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Nowadays, Cobol is popular again,