Suggested order of courses on Udemy

i’m 10% into the Master Math by Coding in Python on Udemy and it’s going well. i would like to go on with other courses after finishing this, but am baffled by the sheer choice and i don’t want to do anything twice.

what would a suggested path of learning be? then i will be prepared when the next hysterical Udemy sale starts (i don’t mean the regular semi-hysterical sales that happen every week or so)

some background about capabilities and wishes:

  • only professor X courses, the rest of these courses are too damn nervous with all their forced enthousiastic banter, silly hangman portfolio projects and promises of earning 30K a year without any effort
  • though my brain is (or used to be, it was lying in a cupboard for some time) quite glorious, it has done it’s glorious bits in subjects totally not pertaining to math and coding (and physics)
  • deep learning and AI sound very interesting (and quite evil?), so i thought i would slowly crawl through maths and derivatives, past machine learning, deep learning to AI. but as i am not very knowledgable in the field, this may be a simplistic or faulty idea i have. and i don’t know if i should also focus on statistics, or linear algebra, etc.
  • due to the dusty rusty brain and my wanting to understand e v e r y t h i n g i’m not the fastest gal around, so i can’t do 4 courses at the same time in 2 months and i would like to finish before i get burnt to a crisp or harvested by AI machines (just been reading about AI alignment)

i included a screenshot of my heartthrob-list below but am open to other suggestions, thankyouverymuch :bird: :hibiscus: :croissant:

(oh look a semi-hysterical sale!)

Hi Marge. Thanks for making your message so enjoyable to read :slight_smile:

All the topics you’re interested in are just applied math comprising linear algebra, statistics/probability theory, and some calculus. I try to create my courses to be independent of each other, so I think you don’t need to worry too much about their order in terms of prerequisites. I think you can start with the deep learning course and see how that goes. All the math you need for that course is taught inside the course.

As for the hysterical Udemy sales, I keep my courses at the lowest price tier, so they are not so strongly affected by sales. You can find discount coupons on my website, but in general all of my discount coupons are , for example this month the coupon is 202209, next month they will be 202210, etc.

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