Topoplot error - EEG.locs

Hi all,

I seem to be running into the following error whenever I attempt to use the topoplot function:
Error using topoplot (line 677)
loc_file must be a EEG.locs strcuture or locs filename

I don’t understand why I am getting this error as my data does have a loc file… the loc file however is name EEG.chanlocs (not EEG.locs), but according to the topoplot code, this shouldn’t be an issue…

Any troubleshooting ideas?

Hi mg4. My guess is that your EEG.chanlocs is not in the same format that the topoplot is expecting.

Your question is about using the eeglab toolbox, so you might get better help if you post your question on the eeglab mailing list.


Good idea - I’ll post it there. Thanks!