Trouble starting up Jupyter Notebook from Anaconda

Hi there, I have recently just began watching the Master Math by Coding course, and I followed up from the installation video of the Anaconda Navigator, now when I click launch on Jupyter Notebook, it’s supposed to open a tab on my default browser right?, Mine is chrome, and when I click launch on the Anaconda Navigator, it shows the loading thing, and the browser doesn’t react, the notebook is opening nowhere, any tips?

Hi Elitus. That sounds frustrating. Anaconda will try to open a tab in whatever browser it thinks is your default browser, which I assume is what your computer thinks is the default browser.

If this is the problem, you can try setting the default browser in Anaconda. This website gives instructions for Windows. On my linux computer, I actually have jupyter open in Firefox, because that gives a nice separation between my web stuff (Chrome) and my python stuff (Firefox).

If that still doesn’t work, then it’s possible that Anaconda didn’t fully install correctly. In which case, you might try completely uninstalling and re-installing.

Another solution would be launching jupyter from command line
i.e. typing
from the command line.