What can be done new in EEG processing and classification?

Hello Mike,

I would like to study epileptic EEG and motor imagery EEG processing in my phd. In literature, it is mixing of some feature extraction and machine/deep learning algorithms.

I am wondering that what can be done different things apart from literature? What new things can be added to these studies?

Thank you.

Hi Ali. Mixing machine learning and EEG to study epilepsy and motor imagery sounds like a great PhD project.

I’m not super up-to-date with all of the developments in that literature, so I can’t really advise you on a specific narrow topic. That’s something you’d need to work out with your supervisor.

But my general advice is to try to get a sense of what most people in the field are doing. And then do something different. Perhaps a new method for an unsolved problem, or perhaps using established methods to solve a new problem. These two strategies are often good for finding an area where you can make a contribution and a solid PhD project.


Thanks for your recommendations Mike.