What is the purpose of life?

An important aspect of life is balancing priorities, which is basically like trying to find a solution that satisfies multiple equations.

We know from linear algebra that a system of equations has (1) zero solutions, (2) exactly one solution, or (3) an infinite number of equally good solutions.

So if life is all about balancing equations, then it seems that one of the three possibilities is correct:

  1. There is no purpose of life.
  2. There is exactly one purpose of life.
  3. There is an infinite number of equally good purposes in life.

Hi Mike, very thought-provoking, as always :wink: Are you saying linear algebra and calculus (maybe plus some EEG) will get me out of my existential crisis and help us solve all of life’s deepest questions? And therefore we should enroll in as many of your Udemy classes as possible? :thinking:


The answer to one of your questions is No, and the answer to the other question is Yes. I won’t say which answer corresponds to which question :wink:


Please give us the differential equation of the function f(x) = { 0 if x is rational, 1 otherwise }. ( /pace/ WeierstraĂź .:wink: )

Ahem, yes, that function seems to characterize some individuals…

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Ace!!!. I suggest to make a sign of these sentences and flag that up before every linear algebra. :slight_smile:
When life equations are over-constrained, don’t get frustrated. We can always have the projection to another nearest life goal.

“Project onto the nearest goal” – I love it!